Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Join Us!

Join Us!

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"Let’s get you the results you deserve!"

Are you tired of not losing weight? Tired of being discouraged when you look in the mirror and wondering where your confidence has gone? Discouraged that you are going to be stuck at your current weight forever? 
Or maybe you have lost the weight before, but now find yourself in a season of life where you have put yourself on the back burner and have let 5-15 pounds slip back on. You are busy and need something that is simple and put together for you so you can just follow along and lose weight.
What if I told you that you are not alone? Interested? Keep reading…
My name is Denise. I exercised for years and didn't lose weight. I went to the gym, and didn't lose weight. I ate salads everyday. I had begun to think my weight (175) was just normal for my body, or at least where I was 'meant' to be stuck at. And then I found a program that I fell in love with and I started losing weight! I had a 47 pound loss, and, more importantly have kept it off for over 1 year. This is me…

And I believe that it's time for YOU to get those same results.  I believe with a little direction, fantastic products, nutrition, and accountability, that it is possible for YOU to lose weight and keep it off like I have. I believe that it is possible to find the person that is buried deep inside you that has been discouraged for far too long. Why do I believe this? Because I have now been coaching people for 3 years and I have seen this happen for them like it did for me. So why not you?

Think about it, what if you actually lost weight for good? What if you fit into your skinny jeans? What if you found a group of people who are just like you and understand the struggles you have been facing? Would you be willing to commit to the next Challenge and let me help you? 

The Challenge is for those who want:
·      To lose weight and keep it off!
·      To work within a private support group
·      Join in weekly discussions to cover weight loss tips, questions, and answers
·      Full access to me 
·      Daily support and encouragement from other group members 
·      To get healthy, regain confidence, and actually have energy again

You can do this! Please only apply if you are serious about getting results.) 

Please go through the link below to get started…
Select SABA60 to take the challenge! 

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Here are just a few of the many, many successful people on SABA60!

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