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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Skinny Jean Challenge

Happy Tuesday!!! You know even the most consistent people can take a fall off the wagon at times. That would be ME!!!! The holidays had us ALL indulging, right??!! I can honestly say that from the indulging, I am lacking energy, I am not feeling my usual vibrant and motivated self and I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I was eating too many treats, a few too many drinks, and not enough water! When you eat clean and fall off the wagon, your body is going to let you know it!  So, this morning, I woke up and decided that enough is enough! I am going to start fresh on February 1st and I'm committed to my nutrition! 


1. Kick the sugar cravings.
2. Start consistently getting in my water intake for the day. 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water daily.
3. Use my tracking sheet to make sure I get in my daily recommendation of foods.
4. Take time each day to read my personal development to keep my mind fresh.
5. Take time to rest. Work in rest time into my schedule so that I do not feel run down and overwhelmed with life. 

I am going to be kicking off the plan and prep week to my Skinny Jeans Group on February 1st. This is a closed online support and accountability group. My goal is to teach you how to meal plan, how to make healthier, higher quality food choices, help you to manage your cravings for sweets, deal with the temptations, how to handle eating out, traveling and everything else life throws our way! 

I like to start out the first week focusing on your mindset. I want to help you set realistic and achievable goals for yourself, I want to teach you about nutrition and healthy choices, give you sample meal plans, snack ideas and more. A full Skinny JEANS MEAL PLAN for you!!! Then we will start the SABA60! The SABA60 is by far my favorite especially if you need an  overhaul on your nutrition. Also the next requirement is that I am your SABA Coach. To have me as your coach it is free of charge and you would just create an account on my site! Then, I would walk you through the next steps to get started. 

Lastly, each person is required to replace 1 meal a day with ToppFast for the duration of the group. I always suggest you choose the meal that you struggle with the most. Some days I am crazy in the mornings so it is my breakfast and other times lunch is chaos and its easier to drink ToppFast vs the peanut butter and jelly or fast food! You don't have to commit to it forever, but give it 30 days! It will help the transition to clean eating easier, it will help you get better results because your body is getting proper nutrition and can recover faster and at the end of the group we can re evaluate to see where to go from here!
Each day you will log into the closed online accountability group. There will be a daily post from me. The posts will have either a tip on clean eating, a recipe, motivation or accountability. Each person is required to check in each day and report their day for accountability. It is a safe place to come and know that you have people just like you to help get you through any obstacles that come with reaching your health and fitness goals. Honestly if it wasn't for the challenge groups for me I personally would not be where I am today! It's hard to look back and remember that person in those before pictures! But, if I can do it. So can you!!!

So are you in??? I know I AM! 


Lets do this!!! Are you with me?!

To reserve a spot in my Skinny Jeans Challenge Group please complete the application below! There is a limited number of spaces and its first come first get!

Hope to see you in the group, get to know you and together become fitter and healthier versions of ourselves!!! ROCK OUT THOSE SKINNY JEANS WITH ME AT THE END!!!

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