Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grow Box Gardening

We’re going green here! Our backyard is no exception to the goin' green trend. I’m talkin’ Grow Boxgardening, rain barrel-ing, composting and recycling. We attempt to go more green every year and this year we had already started by making our own rain barrel, we've been composting for sometime, have been gardening for years, but have expanded upon that with Grow Box gardening! 

We are accumulating masses of delicious spring garden treats covering every inch of our garden. The garden is overflowing with tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, you name it! Even in Florida we have a winter, and with that comes weather that sometimes hurts your plants. With Grow Box gardening, we managed for ours to survive our winter. 
{items used}

My husband developed the plan for the containers and built them with the intention of expanding our garden and to enable their movement when necessary. For us it allowed is to move them indoors (we have an enclosed lanai, or now called a Florida room) when the weather turned cold. Through using the plastic storage containers and our special soil mix which is lighter, they are fairly light weight. Build your own rolling base and it's even easier.

In addition, we can’t bear to let a single item to wilt away or go to waste, so we compost anything that has gone bad (which we hope to prevent but sometimes it is beyond control with animals, etc) and we home can and freeze what can be. 

{ignore the rust-da** Florida rustin wells!}
{Plans/Directions will be available at a later date}

What's especially great about the Grow Box garden is that you can use any size tub for your area, making it great for apartment dwellers, condos, or just wanting to start your garden while weather is questionable outside to get a jump.

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