Monday, February 1, 2010
Please excuse this post as I know I am late. Monday was one of THOSE days. I had a tough day at work. Nothing bad. It just wears on me mentally. One day I will go into exactly what I do....

I also want to thank everyone for sending me love and hopes my migraine would go away! You all are awesome!

Here is a project that is officially MY LIST of to do's because of it's awesomeness! This is a must for me to accomplish THIS WEEKEND! I am planning a baby shower and can visualize these on my tablescapes.

Life As Lori: Vases and candle sticks turned into Monogram candle holders!

As a side note, I am planning two parties. One is on Super Bowl Sunday for the bowl and I need any party ideas. I am new to setting up a party and need ideas. And the other party is a baby shower. Any ideas for both that use what I have or have little expense, I would love to hear!
Thank you!

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