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Closed: ViCera's Ceramic Cutlery Review & Giveaway

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ViCera™ means Beautiful Ceramics

In Japanese, the kanji character for beauty is  and can be read as "vi". The word for ceramics can be shortened to "cera", and writen as . Combined, the name ViCera™ (pronounced "vee-say-rah') means beautiful ceramics. At ViCera™ , we take great pride in our products as highly functional works of art. From beginning to end, our master craftsmen give careful attention to each and every blade to consistently produce unparalleled sharpness that lasts far longer than steel. The naturally brilliant, white blades are made using only pure Japanese zirconia ceramic and embody the traditional Japanese aesthetic of purity.

New Technology, Old-world Craftsmanship

ViCera™ ceramic knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic called zirconium oxide (also known as zirconia). Zirconium oxide is extremely hard and wear resistant, rating 8.5 on the Mohs scale - surpassing stainless steel (5-6 Mohs) and approaching the hardness of diamond (10 Mohs). The Mohs scale, developed by mineralogist Friedrich Mohs, is the universally accepted standard for measuring the hardness of minerals.
During production, our master craftsmen fashion the pure zirconium oxide into knife shaped blanks using high-pressure presses. The finished blanks are then hardened in a process called "sintering", which requires special kilns that can achieve temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. After they are removed from the kilns, the knives are cooled to a naturally brilliant white and then hand-sharpened on a special diamond coated grinding wheel.
When you pick up a ViCera™ ceramic knife, you are holding a perfect balance of new technology and old-world craftsmanship. A brilliant, white blade that is as light as a feather and tougher than nails.

Why Ceramic?


Ceramic knives are harder than other kinds of knives and are therefore able to resist wear to a much greater extent. Independent testing has established that ViCera™ ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge 300 times more than stainless steel knives.

According to the CATRA Sharpness Test, a knife is dull when it no longer cuts 5mm of test paper. The numbers above represent the total depth of test paper cut before falling below the 5mm mark.


Ideal for cutting boneless meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, pastries and so on, ceramic is always a joy to use. Experience the sharp cutting edge unique to ceramic knives.


Thanks to ceramic's chemical neutrality, no harmful interaction ever occurs between ceramic and the food it comes in contact with. Ceramic leaves no metallic taste on the food it cuts, allowing you to enjoy the natural taste of food. Ceramic also, will not discolor food.


ViCera™ ceramic knives weigh just half that of traditional steel or stainless steel knives, making them easy to handle and use.


ViCera™ ceramic knives have a double bevel blade and are therefore suitable for right-handed or left-handed users.


ViCera™ ceramic knives can simply be washed with warm water and dish soap.


Ceramic is not a metal, therefore it will never rust. ViCera™ cutlery is made from pure Japanese zirconia ceramic. The particles in the ceramic are ultra-minute and produce a blade that is extremely smooth and stain resistant.

I was given the opportunity to review ViCera's Chef's Knife.  They are awesome! Ceramic knives are the best of the best.  Their selection is impressive, to say the least. 
Overall, I was really impressed with my ViCera's Chef's Knife. The ceramic knife I received was of such great quality and can be used for cutting and slicing many things. But as with most tools, it is important to use the right knife for the right job. 

For the price and quality, I'd say this is a fantastic knife.  ViCera's Chef's Knife come with All ViCera™ ceramic knives are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the consumer. You can buy them at online at

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