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Closed: Rohto Eye Drops Review & Giveaway

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rohto eyedrops
Rohto® eye drops are the only eye care products on the market that not only relieve redness, dryness and irritation, but also provides a cooling sensation that leaves your eyes refreshed and energized. Rohto® eye drops come in a hip, slim, portable bottle that features a specially designed nozzle to help prevent contamination.

How do you pronounce ROHTO?

Phonetically: Row-toe

ROHTO® Cooling Eye Drops:   The secret weapon of makeup artists to the stars and a gift to sleep-deprived moms everywhere, these drops are like beauty sleep in a bottle, so you don’t have to face the day looking red-eyed and scary!  ROHTO eye drops are the only eye relief products on the market that not only relieve dryness, redness and irritation, but also contain signature ingredients that enhance the sensation of relief and give a “kick” to tired eyes.    
  • ROHTO® Hydra: The newest product offering, specifically formulated to lubricate and provide long-lasting moisture for dry, irritated eyes with the closest hydration to nature tears, while also providing the brand’s signature cooling “kick” 
  • ROHTO® Cool: a general purpose eye drop that combines redness relief with a gentle cooling sensation
  • ROHTO® Ice: relieves redness while also soothing itch, irritation and burn with an intense cooling sensation
  • ROHTO® Arctic: revives strained, overworked eyes and relieves redness with a mild “pick me up” sensation

ROHTO also happens to be the eye drop of choice for many endurance athletes, whose eyes are assaulted by the elements daily during training. In light of that, the brand is sponsoring the ROHTO Endurance Sweepstakes through September 30, 2010, where two grand-prize winners (one male and one female) will receive a men’s and women’s Ceepo® bike, respectively. The sweepstakes also includes weekly prizes of ROHTO Training Kits that will include a valuable assortment of training gear and nutritional items.   Readers can go to to enter.

Rohto eye drops not only relieve eye redness, irritation, and dryness, but they also provide a gentle cooling sensation which will leave your eyes feeling renewed and refreshed.  Unlike other products on the market, Rohto drops contain a special cooling ingredient (menthol) to enhance the sensation of relief and instantly wake tired eyes. The clear, travel-friendly bottles have a clean, simple look, and allow you to see how much product you have left.


Rohto Arctic eye drops are formulated to soothe eye strain most commonly associated with lack of sleep and prolonged computer use.  Rohto Arctic provides a long-lasting cooling sensation that revives overtired, overworked eyes, while at the same time relieving redness.

Rohto-CoolThe popular, soothing Rohto Cool eye drops provide an instant relief for everyday redness and dryness. They too help to “wake up” tired eyes with a gentle cooling sensation.

Rohto-IceRohto Ice eye drops reduce redness while also soothing itch, irritation and burning. These drops provide a strong “pick-me-up” for tired eyes with a very intense cooling sensation.
Ice drops are great for providing relief and discomfort due to exposure to the wind and sun. 

Rohto-HydraRohto Hydra is formulated to relieve an soothe dry and irritated eyes. Hydra drops provide protection against extreme eye dryness with the hydration that is closest to the natural tears your eyes produce.

Available at most drug, mass and grocery stores nationwide. Also available on
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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Rohto Eye Dropswho supplied the products for review and giveaway.

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