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Closed: Soda Stream Review & Giveaway!

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Due to a family issue, I will not be able to get to close this and choose a winner for a couple of days.
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I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a SodaStream! I received my SodaStream and we immediately opened it and the whole family had fun learning how to use it! We had originally been introduced to the "idea" of it from a friend who owned one and he loves it!
With 5 kids in the house and friends over all the time, we go through a lot of soda. The kids love it. Their friends love it and recommend it to their moms. Regular bottled and canned soda takes up so much room. This takes very little room. I HIGHLY recommend the Soda Stream system. It is economical, eco-friendly, doesn't need a lot of storage room,and most importantly, it tastes great!

Home Soda Makers
Making carbonated water and soft drinks is simple! Turn tap water into 
sparkling water in under 30 seconds, with no clean-up. Enjoy the 
freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the 
environment at the same time. No heavy bottles to carry, store at 
home or throw away. Fizz to your taste and add the flavor of your 
choice to make your favorite drink. Simple to clean and reuse. With 
a variety of colors and silhouettes, you'll be sure to find a soda maker 
to match with any decor.

Everyone in the family will enjoy their favorite flavor with SodaStream's great tasting 
sodamix — over 30 to choose from! Enjoy traditional favorites such as Cola, 
Lemon-Lime, Orange and Root Beer, or mixers, including Ginger Ale and Tonic 
in both regular and diet. Also, be sure to try one of our delicious fruit creations, 
including Orange Mango, Diet Pink Grapefruit or Cranberry-Raspberry.




SodaStream Cola349g9g



SodaStream Lemon Lime369g9g

All SodaStream regular sodamix uses a mixture of Splenda® and sugar. Diet flavors are sugar-free,  sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Comparison is based on 8 fl. oz. serving size (0.34 fl. oz. of SodaStream sodamix per 8 fl. oz. of water).
Fresh, Fizzy Sparkling Water for 25 cents per liter!
Call it sparkling water, soda water, club soda or seltzer... But no matter what you call it, you'll save on lugging, storing and disposing of cases of sparkling water. 

And, you’ll save money (a lot of money!) With SodaStream you’ll enjoy sparkling water starting at just 25 cents per liter. 

Plus, with SodaStream, you control the fizz.  Enjoy lightly carbonated water…or seltzer so fizzy it will tickle your nose.  However you like your sparkling water, you can make it precisely to taste at just the touch of a button! 

You can even make your own flavored sparkling water just by adding a few drops of SodaStream's all-natural, unsweetened MyWater flavor essences.

Did you know?

Bottled water is not safer than tap water
The bottled water industry has created a misconception in the United States that bottled water is cleaner, safer, and healthier than tap water. In fact, both regulation and enforcement of bottled water safety is weaker than of tap water safety. Federal, state, and local environmental agencies require rigorous testing of tap water safety.
Bottled water is a waste of money
Americans spent $10 billion on bottled water in 2005 and paid up to 1,000 times the cost of production, a major windfall of profit for the companies. Bottled water can costs $7.50 to $11.00 per gallon in the supermarket but tap water costs most customers only one-tenth of one cent per gallon.
Bottled water is bad for the environment
The United States is the world’s largest consumer of bottled water, purchasing 37 billion bottles in 2005. Our daily bottled water habit is bad for people and bad for the environment. Bottled water wastes fossil fuels and water in production and transport, and when the water is drunk the bottles become a major source of waste.

Now, you can enjoy the best tasting soda on the planet ... and it's as easy as making coffee!
  • Save space with concentrated sodamix and reusable carbonating bottles
  • No more lugging and storing heavy, bulky bottles and cans
  • No more hassles with empties in the trash or recycling bin
  • No batteries, no electricity, no plumbing
  • Over 30 flavors at the touch of a button

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