Monday, September 13, 2010

Brugo Mug Review

Executive Collection

So what is so special about this Coffee Cup? 

Brugo is an elegant, patented technology that allows coffee & tea enthusiasts to enjoy every sip of their hot beverage in the "perfect temperature Zone", while eliminating the spills, spatters & burned lips that are a familiar part of the "to-go" coffee experience. At the same time, BRUGO offers consumers the answer to optimal flavor & unsurpassed convenience.

Fresh coffee is brewed at 205 degrees, but its vibrant flavors are most distinguishable and pleasing at around 150 to 170 degrees. By using a simple "tip and sip" motion, BRUGO users transfer sip-sized amounts (one fluid ounce) of their hot beverage to the temperature control chamber, where it immediately reaches this Perfect Temperature Zone. Only the liquid in the chamber is cooled and only this liquid exits the sip opening. A tight seal keeps the remaining coffee at its hottest and most aromatic. This inventive system eliminates the need for coffee drinkers to blow on their beverage, add ice to it, or wait for it to cool. Instead, they have immediate access to their hot beverage, and they can enjoy it longer at its peak freshness and flavor.
The BRUGO lid has three options: LOCK, TIP & COOL, and SIP. The LOCK setting seals the mug and is perfect for transporting the beverage without spilling. TIP & COOL gives the consumer the full benefits of the temperature control chamber. Once the beverage in the mug has cooled to a palatable temperature, users simply turn the dial to SIP and drink the beverage directly.

* Patented 2 oz/25 ml Temperature Control Chamber giving you sip by sip satisfaction at the perfect temperature
* Double-wall insulation
* 3-position drink mode selector – “Lock, Sip, Tip & Cool” – allowing you perfect taste and temperature control whether you need a bolt of caffeine or prefer to linger over your coffee ritual
* 16oz / 450ml capacity cup size – a large cup
* Non-slip bottom keeping your coffee where you put it
* Ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
* 13 stylish colors
* Stainless Steel and Chrome accents
* Fits all cup holders

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