Friday, February 25, 2011

Just icing on the cake... What really turns me on is the shake

The Naptime Chef states that ‘this is probably the only time you’ll ever find me imitating a recipe from McDonald’s. I generally steer clear of all fast food restaurants, except in March.’ In fact, the minute the Shamrock Shake hits the menu she is in the drive-thru faster than you can say “shake.” In fact, she once attended a formal dance in high school in March and they took the limo through the drive-thru just to get Shamrock Shakes before they were dropped off at home! It is also the best way she can see to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when you are not Irish (I agree!)! There are tons of copycat recipes on the web and she’s been experimenting with her own. She likes to go heavy on the ice cream so that it is extra thick. Sometimes she doesn’t use green food coloring since it only adds color, not flavor (great idea! Thinking about that, you can make these for other holidays in matching colors!).No matter how you serve it up, she guarantees a hit at home. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Stop by HERE for the recipe.

Lyrics: Neil McCoy – The Shake
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