Sunday, May 31, 2015

Instant Sunburn Relief & Cure

Every summer, somehow one of us always manages to get a sunburn. But never fear, here is an easy remedy that offers INSTANT relief  . . .

What You Need:
a Large, NON METALLIC Bowl
Earl Grey Tea Bags

Place 5-7 earl grey tea bags in the filter holder of your coffee pot, add water to the water area and run your coffeepot. Once it's brewed, transfer the tea into a large bowl and add the teabags that you used to brew that pot of tea. 

Let it cool. It's important to cool to prevent burns but room temperature is best since the burn is already hurting.  Soak a small, clean towel in the bowl of room temperature Early Grey tea. Wring it out and apply directly to the sunburned area. Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes. NOTE: This tea MUST be applied within 6-8 hours of the initial burn.

With this method, your pain is gone and you are left with a tan. This only seems to work with Earl Grey tea.

While this remedy has been provided, I absolutely do NOT recommend or promote burning. I highly recommend a quality, high SPF sunscreen.

Disclaimer: As with ANY recipe, remedy, suggestion found on this site, this is just what I personally use. Using it is ultimately your choice and your responsibility.

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