Friday, January 29, 2010

I've decided to start a blog. Mainly because I get so many questions on my couponing and frugal furniture and crafts, but also because I am so inspired by the ones I have been reading, non-stop, for about a month.

I love crafts, making furniture, and mostly because I like getting exactly what I want at a much-reduced cost! I also love things that show your heart is in your home. If you read my about me, you will see where I said that I’d seen a post on a blog stating their family motto is “No Empty Chairs”. I love this saying! I intend to locate this blog and give credit where credit is due.

This weekend, I hope to post photos of recent projects. We’ll see. If you learn anything about me, you will learn that I LOVE being a grandmother and I watch my grandson, Evan, every weekend.

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