Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Saturday

My Saturday was a fun-filled, family day. I had lunch and dinner with my kids and am spending the whole weekend with my grandson. We also shopped Michaels and Joanne's.
I also want to note that Wal-Mart will lose even more of my business. The only things we shopped our Wal-mart for was crafts and fabric. Well, the ever greedy Wal-mart has decided they are not making any money from fabrics (this was told to us by Customer Service) and have done away with the fabric portion of the department to make their electronics department larger (as we have seen on commercials) I was also told that there have been many complaints and some areas have submitted petitions, to no avail! I am very disappointed in them.
We shopped for scrapbook pages in order to make more tiles. We have made some and are putting the gloss coat on. I will post photos when they are dry.
I also started shopping supplies to make Hand-Stamped Jewelry. I now have an entire alphabet and number (1-9) set.
We purchased etching cream and etched the clear, leaded glass on our front door. We had gotten a deal on this door (brand new) and had people put their face on it and look in. We first put contact paper on, but the heat made it start to peel. My husband put the etching cream on tonight and I will let you know how it turns out.

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