Thursday, January 28, 2010


PR Sponsor Options

Important Stats

First, let me start by saying thank you for considering advertising at Extreme Personal Measures.

At this time, Extreme Personal Measures has over:

  •  2300+ Google "followers,"
  • 1073 'combined' Facebook friends, (both personal & EPM page)
  • 2430+ Twitter followers
  • Many who subscribe via email,
  • Many subscribers through Bloggers Google Reader.

Extreme Personal Measures is averaging over 1100 views a day and well over 21,000 page views a month, and rises daily. The majority of my viewers are women. My blog is focused on DIY projects including home decor, sewing, paper crafting, decorating for holidays, and all kinds of crafting.

Your sponsorship also means you’ll get a monthly in-post shout out. It’ll include:
  • A permanent text-link to your site along with an image that lives forever on our site (even after your sponsorship ends) on the shout out
  • The ability to reach RSS subscribers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers (who also see our sponsor shout-outs beyond the thousands of daily readers who go directly to our blog’s url)
  • A potential Google pagerank boost (an outgoing link to your site not only drives traffic, it can actually help your site’s ranking)
So what are my options?
We offer two highly visible sidebar ad sizes that will appear on every single page of our site for the duration of the sponsorship (each of which comes with the aforementioned monthly sponsor shout out).
You can choose between monthly and quarterly ad packages (with a discount built into 3-month commitments):
  • The Townhouse (120×240) 
  • The Mansion (336×280)
  • Banner Ads- Below post banner ads. These stay on a post forever. 
Both sizes are designed to work seamlessly within our sidebar (which also features content, so more eyes end up over there). This helps keep them consistently noticeable and highly clickable for the duration of your sponsorship.
But wait, there’s more…
It’s completely optional, but if you’d like to offer a special discount to our readers (ex: 15% off any purchase by entering “ExtremeMeasure” at checkout) this often drives up interest and sales of your product/service even more. We’ll happily spread the word in our monthly shout-out posts but we’ll also post it for all to see on our sidebar during your entire sponsorship. You can check out some of the sponsors currently taking advantage of this bonus link back to their site under the “Discount” column on our sidebar. And of course our readers love it too. It’s win, win I tell ya.
Just say the word.
Now’s the part where you shoot us an e-mail to get in on the fun. We’re excited to team up!

Disclaimer: FAMILY FRIENDLY sites only. NO sites connected or displaying evidence of a hate site, spam site, or P-o-r-n site will be listed and NO refunds will be issued if that is the case.

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