Monday, March 8, 2010

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This weekend we tried to finish up our latest project, the Curio Cabinet. However, upon putting it back together after painting it, a piece of the glass broke. Now we need to locate glass to fit. I will post pictures once this is completed. We also had a mishap with our lazy susan we were working on. We took it outside to paint and, I guess the sun was too much because it bubbled. Now, we will have to sand and repaint. Ugh. One thing goes wrong and it is all downhill from there.

Ok, first things first. I have some questions for everyone.

1) How often do you craft or do home décor projects? 2) Do you have a full time job outside of the home? 3) If you sell any of your projects, do you have tips for others? 4) Do you sell refurbished furniture? 5) Do you have children? 6) How many hours a week do you spend on projects?
Ok, now for the main purpose today, our

Featured Bloggers & Tutorials.

For this first tutorial, I am absolutely in love with these
fabric mums!
Designer Natalie Chanin’s Nature Inspired Cotton Jersey Flower Bouquet is to die for! I think these would be a nice addition to any home décor. I am also thinking they would be nice for a baby shower I am planning.


All you will need for this project is: Plain, white cotton tee shirt, Scissors, Stapler, Finger paint (or tempra paint and brush) and cotton balls.

This next project is from Miss Mustard Seed. She shows us how to make a Boxwood Topiary.
I would love to make this topiary for my table when you come in the front door.


This last project is a Lego Table made by The Gaines Gang. Kate Create’s Lego Table.
I have had this saved for months. It is one of the projects (along with everything at Beneath My Heart)
that had inspired me to start on the adventure of doing our own projects. Although I have not created this as yet, I do have two tables purchased for this. One for my home and one for my daughters home. My grandson is only 6 months, so we have a little time yet.

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