Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decorative Roller Shades

I thought roller shades were something my Grandma used. Other than a Grandparents house, I haven't seen them in years! While looking at Southern Living.com for crockpot recipes, I came across this online article by Anne Carroll Turner and Jennifer Kopf on Stenciled Window Shades.

I set off to see who else was making stenciled roller shades amd came across Martha Stewart's Stenciled Roller Shades. She also has tips on applying your own banding to a roller shade or adding ribbon to a roller shade.

All of these sites give instruction, however I also came across Buckingham Stencils who also give further, more in-depth instruction to add more colors, etc.They also have a great selection of stencils.

Here in Florida, the older homes have odd shaped windows so I will need to do some research to see if they make shades in my sizes.


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