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Closed: The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Review & Giveaway


"The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” was designed to engage, teach and inspire creative thinking through a blend of upbeat songs, unique characters, and colorful whimsical animations. It is no secret that the majority of young children have short attention spans and to keep them engaged they need stimulation. Just ask any Mom and she’ll tell you that young kids tend to get into everything and are constantly on the move. The producers of “The GiggleBellies” believe short format music video is a great way to captivate a young audience .” The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD series is driven by nine unique 2- 4 minute music segments. The songs are easy to sing. The music encourages movement and dancing. And some of the lyrics present early learning concepts. Complimented with exciting visual stimulation, carefully paced animation, and vibrant colors.

3D Magic Factory3D Magic Factory produced the animation of “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” from concept to completion. 3D Magic Factory is an award winning animation production studio that specializes in creating 3D Computer Graphics and Animation. They offer a wide variety of quality driven animation services in just about any format or style for broadcast, film, games, ripostes, product visualization, children animated series, pitch presentations and more. Kerry MIller Johnson & Pauline Saab are also the Co-founders of the Austin, TX based animation studio. Visit to learn more about the studio.

Music in Early Childhood Growth & Development
During the past 20 years, interest in early-childhood music education has increased dramatically. A growing number of parents believe that such early-music experiences enhance their children's lives and stimulate mental development and physical coordination. According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, music intelligence is equal in importance to mathematical, linguistic, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and interpersonal intelligence.*
Schools Focus on Academics
Many music and fine arts programs have been cut in many school districts due to budget shortages. Despite the educational focus on test scores and academics, it is important to make music easily available to children. Music helps in developing learning and retention power, which is very important for academic achievement.
Enhances Creativity and Imagination 
There is a causal link between music and spatial intelligence, or the ability to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of objects. This kind of intelligence, by which one can visualize various elements, is critical to the sort of thinking necessary for future development.
Language Development and Reasoning
Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language.**
Builds Holistic Learning Skills 
Music helps children build learning skills, as music teaches one to use the mind and body together. Through singing and dancing, children begin to learn about rhythm and beats, enhancing their motor skills and bodily coordination.
Stress Reduction
Soft music allows youngsters to calm down, whereas happy and upbeat music allows youngsters to release stress by singing and dancing. Both types of music give children a way to relieve stress and relax.
Boosts Teamwork 
Music study enhances teamwork and discipline. In order for an orchestra to sound good, all players must work together harmoniously towards a single goal. Youngsters will be able to sing along with the DVD in unison and learn the benefits of teamwork.
Good Social Habits
Music teaches emotions, aesthetics, = and increases individual capability. Schools that have music
programs have significantly higher attendance rates than do those without programs (93.3% as
compared to 84.9%)***

The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures has won several awards:

  • Creative Child Magazine 2010 DVD OF THE YEAR AWARD for the Musical Animation DVD category
  • Dove honors the "Family-Approved" Seal to “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD
  • KIDS FIRST! Endorsement to “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD
  • Mr. Dad Seal of Approval to “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD
  • 3 Omni Awards, 3 Telly Awards for “Wheels On The Bus” animated song
  • 2 Omni Awards, 1 Telly Award for “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” animated song
  • 1 Omni Award, 2 Telly Awards for the “Twinkle Little Star” animated song
  • 2 Telly Awards for the “ABC Superstar” animated song
  • 2 Telly Awards for the “The GiggleBelly Train” animated song
  • 2 Telly Awards for the “Peanut” animated song
  • 2 Omni Awards for the “Web-Footed Friends” animated song

Kerry Miller Johnson & Pauline Saab are the creators behind “The GiggleBellies”. They are a multi-talented award winning duo whose talents span from creating animation to writing original music. They have contributed their talents as production artist’s throughout the country at leading entertainment companies such as PDI / DreamWorks, Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Anvil, Electronic Arts just to name a few. Their combined production history has earned them credits in academy award winning films such as “Shrek”, “Star Wars: Episode 1”, “Wing Commander”, multi award winning games such as “Wing Commander”, “Conquest ”, and “Freelancer” and now a multi award winning DVD “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures”.

They also provided wonderful activities on the website including coloring pages, lyric pages, and wallpapers.

The GiggleBellies is a wonderful, award winning, musical DVD. My little man had a great time watching this. He is so cute bouncing along to the music and enthralled with it. I enjoyed watching him enjoy it and it was easy for me to watch as well. I also played this while my sister-in-law was over with her 4 and 6 year olds. They fully enjoyed it! I was especially interested in seeing the 6 year olds view as this is a threshold, an age where children start to change. Many of these types of dvd's tend to annoy me. But not this one! If you are concerned, as I am, about early learning, coordination, and stimulating mental stimulation, then this is a must have! If he wants to watch this everyday, I will gladly put it in! I highly recommend this dvd!


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