Friday, July 30, 2010


I have never used an online photo company, yet recently, I was searching Shutterfly for birthday invitations and birth announcements. Little Man is going to be one and I am pregnant with Little Princess. These are important events for our family and I want the best. 

They have a huge selection in all categories, but the selection of Baby Boy's First Birthday was surprising! There were 3 full pages of selections! All simply adorable. They did not make the selection easy! Just look at a few of these amazing cards! 

Cute, trendy card.



Equally amazing is the selection of birth announcements. They have them categorized as Baby Boy Birth Announcements, Baby Girl Birth Announcements, Twin Birth Announcements, and Holiday Birth Announcements. Since I know I am having a girl, I delved into the Baby Girl Birth Announcements. Wow! They are just stunning! I have selected a few to show the beautiful quality, but let me tell you, if you are looking for birth announcements, you need to go take a look. The limited amount I am showing you, just does not do justice to the large selection of announcements available!

Okay,okay, it's hard but I will stop!

I also checked out the Photo Christmas Cards. I have never done a photo card, but I am thinking I may do so this year! It will be easier, since I can make selection from the comfort of my own home. And remember, I am due November 25th. I think there will be a lot of online shopping in my future! They have a lot of great options and I selected a few of my favorites to show you:

Now that you've seen just a few of my favorites in these categories, you can see just why I want to work with Shutterfly! 
Don't you want to see what you want to make for your special occasion?

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