Friday, July 30, 2010

Extended! The Myself Trainer Review & Giveaway

Are you tired of spending money and time on pads, extra laundry and dry cleaning for bladder leaks and accidents?

The Myself Trainer can help you restore your pelvic muscles - yourself. It doesn't just pad the problem; it corrects the most common cause of the problem

The Myself® Trainer

can help you:

  • avoid bladder leaks, accidents
  • avoid frequent urges
  • speed pregnancy recovery
  • enhance sexual pleasure

... in just 5 minutes a day


The <big>Myself<sup>®</sup></big> Trainer

Think of the time and money you spend on pads, additional laundry and dry cleaning year after year.Women spend nearly $750* each year to manage bladder leaks and accidents?
When used regularly, The Myself® Trainer can save you money each year, help make a dramatic difference in bladder leaks, accidents, sudden urges — and in the quality of your life.



The Myself® Trainer 
is a personal, guided muscle strengthener, that can help you safely and effectively exercise your pelvic floor muscles and help keep them strong.
Your doctor may have recommended Kegel exercises (also known as pelvic floor muscle exercises) to keep your muscles toned. The Myself® Trainer helps you do these exercises correctly, giving you real-time feedback about the strength of your pelvic floor muscles during exercise.
Through simple, easy-to-follow, 5-minute, guided workouts, The Myself® Trainer  helps you isolate, lift and flex the correct muscles, which can be very hard if you do these exercises on your own. Imagine trying to do a bicep curl with an imaginary weight.

The Myself® Trainer
 works by helping women identify the correct muscles, providing resistance for the pelvic muscles to squeeze against, measuring the strength of pelvic muscle contractions and providing immediate feedback and motivational cues during the exercise.
The stronger the squeezing action by your pelvic muscles, the greater the number of colored bands that light up across the display on the screen.


Strength Levels
As the muscles get stronger, The Myself® Trainer tracks progress and moves you up through three different strength levels over time.
Seeing measurable, positive results is very motivating. Women using The Myself® Trainer have reported dramatic results that can be life changing. A strengthened pelvic floor can allow a woman to feel more confident and resume a lifestyle with more activity, socializing, travel, and freedom.

My Review

In the old days women did not discuss issues that arise from having babies, menopause, bladder issues,etc. Not today! Today's women share what is going on with them in hopes that 
1) Someone may have tips or advice for them
2) It may help someone else
That is what I am here to do for you today. My bladder is very weak from the way I carried my son. (I also have massive stretching and stretch marks. It looks like I had multiple babies.) I can giggle and dribble. I constantly feel as if I need "to go". Mine isn't too bad,as I can just wear a pantyliner. However, many women have the need to wear more. With that, comes the expense, as well as the worry that the heavier pads made for this may be showing through your clothing. I worry about this with a regular pad for my menstruation, much less these thicker pads for bladder leakage!
Sure, there is surgery for this. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars and have the inconvenience of the after- surgery experience?
This is where the The Myself® Trainer comes in. The Myself® Trainer can help you resore your pelvic muscles. The Myself® Trainer helps you identify the correct muscles, provides resistance for the pelvic muscles to squeeze against, measuring the strength of pelvic muscle contractions and provides immediate feedback and motivational cues during the exercises. 
  The Myself® Trainer is really very easy to use and I plan on maintaining a schedule of use to strengthen my bladder. I highly recommend this as a tool to assist you in correcting this issue. Cheaper than surgery. No downtime like with surgery. Easy! 

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