Monday, July 19, 2010

Closed: Xtremely Healthy Xtrema Cookware Review & Giveaway!

About xtrema

For 23 years the creator worked for and represented Corning Glass Works, the finest ceramics company in the world, the makers of Corning Ware cookware, Pyrex bakeware and Corelle dinnerware. It was during these years that he was blessed with working with so many wonderful people who helped to shape and mold his love for the glass ceramics business.
In October of 2004, three years after his tenure with Corning ended he received an unsolicited e-mail from Taiwan asking him if he would be interested in a new high temperature ceramic material that could go on top of the stove and under the broiler, a product that would surpass the cooking performance and benefits of the original Corning Ware. 
That e-mail from Taiwan came from Peter Hsu a ceramics research engineer/scientist and inventor and it found its way to his computer in New Jersey. That single e-mail became the catalyst for what would end up being three additional years of research, testing and product development. In February of 2007 Ceramcor, LLC was officially established in Toms River, New Jersey. Peter labored 20 years to ready his invention for production and he considers it a divine blessing that they would be brought together to form what he believes will someday be the most innovative ceramics cookware company in the world.

Features and Benefits

Xtreme High Temperature: Cookware can withstand 2,700 F, Steel can melt at 2,200 F

Xtremely Easy to Clean: Non-Scratch, Non-Toxic Ceramic Glaze Surface

Xtremely Attractive: High Gloss Black Finish

Xtremely Versatile: Oven, Stovetop, Broiler, Freezer, Barbeque Grill, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher and Dining Room Table

Xtremely Healthy Cooking: No Trace Metals or Chemicals Leaching from the Cooking Surface

Xtremely Practical: Reduces Cooking Time and Uses Less Energy, Foods Stay Hotter Longer

Xtremely Tasty: Ceramic Far Infrared Cooking Enhances the Food Flavor and the Entire Cooking Experience

Xtremely Durable: Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool

Kitchen Cleaners

Xtrema's Non-Scratch SurfaceYou cannot scratch the surface of Xtrema so if you have some tough stains just use kitchen cleaning products, like the ones in the photo, to make your cookware look brand new.

How to Cook with Xtrema

When cooking with Xtrema Saucepans and Skillets on your gas or electric coil stove please start by using a medium heat setting for just 1 to 2 minutes. It may take a little extra time for the Xtrema to get fully heated but once it reaches the proper temperature, reduce the heat to a lower setting because the Xtrema cookware will retain heat for a longer period of time.

When frying or scrambling eggs with the 10” Xtrema skillet on your gas or electric coil stove please use medium heat and let the skillet heat for about 1 minute before spraying the inside surface of the skillet with a light coating of “High Heat” or “All Natural” canola or olive oil. These oils work the best with the Xtrema ceramic skillets. Please make sure you use a low to medium low heat setting once the skillet has reached your desired temperature. It may take a little practice to become an expert!

Pancakes on Xtrema

Heat your skillet on medium for 60 seconds and then spray on coconut or canola oil. Place batter in the skillet.
Pancake Batter in Ceramic Skillet
Flip when the top of the batter bubbles & remove the pancakes when done to your liking.
Flipped Pancakes in Ceramic Skillet
Finished Pancakes made with Ceramic Skillet

My husband is the cook of our home. Athough I will cook if needed, he is the one who enjoys it and is creative.  I was extremely excited when I advised we would have the opportunity to review a skillet for Xtrema Cookware.  

We received an Xtrema 10″ Open Ceramic Skillet.  The first thing my husband noticed, and was quite pleased, about the skillet, was the weight of this skillet.  When he makes any cookware purchase he feels the weight. It has a wide, long handle on one side and the smaller handle on the other. I love when skillets, especially of this weight, have these as, once filled, they are too heavy for me to lift.  We also noticed it’s shiny, high gloss finish, which, I might add, was an initial concern. These often peel. Not so with this pan! We have used this quite a bit and there is no peeling whatsoever. A huge sign of a quality pan!  This pan holds heat and holds it a lot longer, so you will need to watch what you are doing when cooking. It takes some practice initially. As for the finish, we used metal tools (turners & tongs) to test the durability of the finish and have not one scratch!

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is like no other products. They are free of poisonous toxins, allows extreme versatility, provides consistent heat throughout and more.
Although we have quite expensive pots and pans, I am continually looking for healthier ways to cook and healthier options in cookware. Such as eliminating Teflon that gets ingested when it begins to peel.  While Xtrema may be more expensive than your basic cookware, you will find that you will not need to replace over time due to the issues other cookware has.

In my home, I am generally the skeptic. I am from Missouri and that old saying holds true, “You’ve got to Show Me!” We tested this item much longer than we generally test. And put it to the test, we did.  He followed the instructions sent with the pan. Heating this pan was no issue. Remember that on this pan, once it is fully heated, it is recommended to adjust the heat down as it retains heat much longer.  It worked wonderfully!

One of the drawbacks with our cooking is our stove top. It doesn’t heat evenly, and of course, there is always the problem of the pan being larger than the burner. Depending upon what I am making, the food needs to be continually moved about in the pan because of this issue. With this pan, this is no longer an issue!

Not only do I recommend Xtrema Cookware, it is on my list for gifts!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. A HUGE thank you to Xtrema Cookwarewho supplied the products for review and giveaway.

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