Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Diner Review

The Lil' Diner Plate Saver was invented by a father who was frustrated with the restaurant experience since becoming a parent. Once Jesse Jr. became old enough to eat at the table, dad realized that this meant choosing between: A) feeding Jr. off a clean restaurant plate that he would most likely throw to the ground; B) feeding Jr. off the dirty restaurant table after trying in vain to wipe it with a baby wipe; or C) relying on store bought solutions which all entailed regular washings with soap and water after every use. The father set about creating a fourth option; a tool that would allow a child to eat off of a regular smooth bottom sided plate or bowl from any restaurant without the worry of it falling to the floor and assurance of a sanitary dining experience for his little one!

While Little Man is self feeding, when he gets bored, his food, bowl, dish, goes flying. I was continually cleaning up dishes and food from the floor and wall. Oh, and when he was younger, better watch the flapping hand that tries to swat the bowl your holding!  

I received a Baby Diner set to try out. I was anxious to try it and I am glad I did! All families with children should own this! It is so easy to use. Just attach the suction cups to whatever dish you choose and to the table, making a secure dish that will not end up on the floor! Try as he might, Little Man has been unable to remove this!  The people at Baby Dinehave a video to show you just how easy it works. It also stores nicely in a diaper bag so there is no further restaurant embarrassment.

Stop by Baby Diner and get yours today!

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