Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cheers & Jeers- New Feature

This will be my newest feature!
I welcome your comments AND suggestions for Cheers & Jeers!

My first Jeer goes to the waitress that served (I use that term extremely loosely) at Johnnie B's Port Saint Lucie (In Tradition), Florida.
We went for lunch today (2 couples, a single woman and our children). I was HIGHLY disappointed in the service, to say the least. Well, it starts with the waitress bringing Deb's lunch, a good 10-15 minutes PRIOR to everyone else receiving their food! By the time we received our food, she was done! This waitress CONTINUALLY removed things from the table, bumping into us and dragging items over our food. While doing so, she touched someone's straw and touched someone's slice of pizza! Now, you would think that as she was HOVERING, TOUCHING and REMOVING, that she would have filled our drinks. NO! Everyone of us had to request this when we wanted it! Service is important people! This waitress and the staff need to watch all the programs by Gordon Ramsey. Bringing one persons food prior to everyone else's is a no-no. And by that much time. Bad. Carrying trash and dirty dishes over customers heads is another no-no. Not to mention disgusting!

My second Jeer goes to DC Cupcakes. I e-mailed and asked where they get their mini cutters that they cut fondant with. They responded with a recipe and stated that they could not share where they get the cutters. Ummm...I would think the recipe would be the trade secret, not where they get the cutters! Not to be deterred, I immediately Googled it and came up with dozens of site's that sell great mini cutters.

Cheers goes out to, my husband's favorite show, Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch, for doing a tasteful tribute and farewell to Phil Harris. Although I like the show well enough, I was completely glued to the Phil Harris tribute episodes.

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