Monday, August 9, 2010

Save Time & Money With Supermarket Smarty

The ULTIMATE Reusable Dry Erase Grocery List

Makes Healthy Shopping EASY!
Saves you time & money.
Plan meals in a snap!

Label lens

Simply Write, Wipe & Start Over!

Supermarket Smarty’s unique design and dry erase surface 
makes it the easiest shopping list to use.

Nutrition Symbols

Fun symbols highlight key nutritional benefits in a wide variety of foods important to a healthy diet such as:

meal planner for fast dinner ideasFiber

Healthy Fats


whole grains
Whole Grains

lean proteins
Lean Proteins

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Symbol Key

The symbol key, conveniently located on the back panel, displays each symbol's meaning.

coupon organizers
Meal Planner Insert

  • Healthy eating starts with good planning! 
    Check off the ingredients you need 
    as you plan this week's healthy meals. 
    The insert fits conveniently in the coupon pocket. 

coupon organizers

Coupon Pocket

Keep all your coupons in one place and stay organized with the handy coupon folder.

Label lens

Label Lens

Embedded in the front cover of your Smarty is a magnifying lens that helps you read the fine print on packaging & nutrition labels.


The SuperMarket Smarty is a smart grocery list. You are able to organize your list of needs with the categories provided. Using this effective tool will assist in saving time and money. That's why I was so excited for the opportunity to review such an ingenious idea.

Upon opening mine from the package,I first noticed the  "label lens" on the front cover. It is a magnifying lens to aid in the reading of the fine print found on labels. 

The SuperMarket Smarty has many beneficial sections. The main being it's grocery list which includes nutrition symbols included to assist you in knowing what has good fats, fiber, potassium,etc. One of the sections provided is a menu planner. Having your meal planner and grocery list in one location is extremely handy! Additionally, they have included a coupon pocket. Plan your meals, make your list, assemble your coupons to match your list and save time and money! 

If that wasn't enough, they have included a magnetic clip in which to clip to your fridge so that it is handy & doesn't get lost.

This has been a great asset in my home. One of the best things I have ever received! It is such a great idea that I am purchasing one for every adult on my Christmas list!

The SuperMarket Smarty is only $9.99 {plus shipping}. Well worth it, especially when you consider that time and money you are saving! 

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