Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking for a cool gift for kids-Convertible Designs has your answer!


The coolest frog, turtle, ladybug or beetle gift your kid will ever get!

T-Jack LadybugLooking for a cool gift for kids - something no one else has discovered yet? T-Jack is a one of a kind jacket designed for kids, which converts to a stuffed animal friend; an imaginary character with real characteristics of a frog, a ladybug, a turtle, or a beetle. Finally, something that both kids and adults would like. A coat, which your children can play with, can cuddle with, and take it out for a walk comfortably nested on their back. No more struggles with getting dressed. Simply replace “put on your jacket” with “let’s take your friend for a walk.” T-Jack is a perfect companion for travel. Simply convert the coat into a pillow toy for your kid to snuggle with during the long car or plane rides.

Buy a convertible jacket for your kids and see them smile. It’s the perfect gift!

The T-Jacks are made to mimic the real living things with details and forms translated with embroidery and special fabrics.  The eyes of the animals are simply mesmerizing.  The blues of the bugs and yellow of the turtle and frog, they are beautiful and magical.  Imported from Italy, there they are truly Italian eyes. Studies have shown that convertible clothing like the T-Jack can foster creative thinking, problem solving and hands-on development in children. T-Jack is a patented, animal-inspired jacket that transforms into a toy/pillow or a bag. It provides fun and fashion for kids, and function for parents!


Busy Beetle OnesieLovely Ladybug OnesieIf you are looking for a baby shower gift or birthday gift, we offers a line of original character t-shirts and onesies for boys and girls. All products are perfect for the lover of beetle, ladybug, turtle and frog clothing. Being big fans of Hello Kitty for a very long time, we are pleased to introduce you to our four unique characters featured on different types of garments. Our characters include Lovely Ladybug and her Friends Busy Beetle, Fearless Frog, and Tough Turtle. We can go on and on about these four, but we would like it to leave it up to you to find a connection and fall in love with these new friends.


Busy Beetle Decorative Pillow ShamLovely Ladybug Decorative Pillow Sham

The pillow shams are made of shiny satin on one side with soft contrasting suede on the other side. The character appliqué is delicately embroidered in the center. When you are searching for unique children’s pillows, you will find that these pillows can transform the look of a room in the most charming way.

Lovely Ladybug Purse

Ladybug Purse

The cute purses are a hit with women and girls alike. A big ladybug is perfectly positioned on this black and white clutch. This purse is attractive and makes a strong statement that you adore the ladybug.

Frog - Pillow ToyLadybug - Pillow Toy


For those of you who don’t have kids ages 2-5 in their life, we reproduced our characters in a big pillow-toy form.  No magic of transformation, but it still can decorate your den drawing compliments from your family and friends.

Convertible Designs started with a single prototype of the turtle jacket and an idea of convertible clothing for kids. The memories of magical times from their childhood and watching their kids grow up rapidly made them want to create unique things which would capture kids’ imaginations and bring back the feeling of discovery to the grownups that care for them. 

We were given the opportunity to review the Convertible Designs Frog Pillow Toy with our Little Man. The frog is a colorful stuffed pillow-toy based on a design of the T-Jack convertible jacket. It is a Limited edition. He loves the big, bright design of the Frog pillow.  He plays with it and lays with it in the living room while watching his favorite (limited) children’s programs.  We love it’s durability. This pillow is so strong and durable it will probably last to be handed down to his children! We were quite surprised at how well made it is.  Well worth the $35 price tag.

You can buy this or one of there other many wonderful products through their site

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