Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creative Halloween Decor Ideas

I wanted to share some blog love and ideas worth sharing today. I have some fabulous blogs I follow that have some really great ideas throughout the year. There were a few things I'd love to *copy*, if I find the time. However, as Halloween is upon us, it may have to wait until next year!

On with the love....

Step over to Cheap Chic Home. This is one fabulous blog that never leaves me disappointed! Kim amazes me with her creativity! On September 5th, I found a simple, yet really creative Halloween decor post. Kim created Jumbo Styrofoam Candy Corn for the holidays! I think I would have to leave these out through Thanksgiving!

Kim really exhibited creativity, in my eyes, when she envisioned jumbo candy corn while looking at styrofoam cones! 

Kim, these are fabulous!!!!

Next up is Kathy from Creative Home Expressions. Kathy and her blog have long been favorites of mine! And she is the nicest blogger! I once contacted her with a question and she gave me a quick tutorial on how to do it! Love her! 
Having wanted a cloche for sometime and not wanting to spend what I see them costing in my area, I was excited to see her post on how to make my own!!! Kathy used a vase to create her own. 

Using this vase, she simply turned it over and affixed a knob to the *new* top. Using a pillar candle stand she had on hand completed the look. 


House Of Smith's wins the award for creativity on a budget! Utilizing what she had as well as Dollar store finds, she created a stunning Halloween display. Shelley centered her display around a table candy display. She created candy labels with some fun, new candy titles:

The family created the names and she simply printed the names on thick cardstock, cut and mounted on brown packaging paper, distressed inked the edges, put black eyelets on the outsides and ran twine. 
Her tips:
*All of the Jars were bought from thrift stores for under $3.00 each
* use Spanish Moss from  local craft store $2.99 for the entire bag
*And spray painted white, the corn husk pumpkin that I found for a $1.00, also from a thrift store.

Here, she designed her image in photoshop and then put it in the frame. Easy peasy!

There are a lot more ideas. Run over and check them out. I bet there are some you may want to incorporate in your displays.

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