Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flameless Candles: Set The Scene

Product Image

I love candles. One might say I have an addiction. However, with small children, safety is at the forefront of my mind.  I recently purchased flameless candles for safety. There are ways these can be used, just like "real" candles. All you have to do is change the batteries and they last and last. First, you can have a display on your coffee table without the worry of little hands getting burnt. I love having my driveway all lit up with luminaries to greet holiday guests. Not only are traditional candles worrysome as far as catching fire, but they are hard to keep lit if it is windy. I recently received some new flameless candles and I have been really pleased with how realistic these flameless candles look! They look as though they are melted at the tops and the light shows through. With the new tchnology that abounds, mine are LED! I have guests think they are real and panic when my little ones go to touch.
Think you will miss the scent of a real candle? Mine are scented! They have a wonderful pomagranite scent,

Want to light luminaries in your driveway this Halloween? Think flameless.

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