Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sand & Sisal's Redo"s

Sand & Sisal

Have you stopped by the new blog, Sand & Sisal yet? Kim is the sister to Beth from The Stories of A2Z
The Stories of A to Z
Wow! This is some talented (and stunningly beautiful) family!

Recently, Kim posted her love story with ORB. As someone unfamiliar with ORB, I was intrigued.
Ohhhhhh. Oil Rubbed Bronze. Still not familiar with it. 
Well, needless to say, her photos further intrigued me!

She took boring builder's grade bathroom fixtures,
and made them beautiful!

Old knobs

into beautiful new knobs..

A very old trashcan,

into this beauty..

And lastly, this dated old mirror,
(hey, I have one of these!)

into this FABULOUS new mirror

Being married to a man that likes old and dated items, 

think he'll notice if I redo my mirror (By the way, it's probably the size of three of hers. LOL)?

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