Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whooo Are You, Who Who... Oh Tell Me Who Are You!

So really, who are you, my peeps? We converse through our comments but, alas, you are an enigma to us.

Help us to get to know y’all a little bit better. Tell us who you are, what draws you in to the site and what we can do to make Extreme Personal Measures even better.
If there ever where a time to provide feedback, this is it.

I promise to do a recap the comments at the end of the week.
Without further ado, here are the questions:

Who are you? Male/Female? Age? Location? Marital status? Any kids?
 How often do you read Extreme Personal Measures? (Daily? Once a week? Hey, are you reading this while at  work? Hmmmm? )
 How do you prefer to view Extreme Personal Measures? (On,  RSS reader like Google or Bloglines, or email subscriber?
What are your favorite types of posts & why? (DIY crafts & home décor deas? Before & after pictures? Design Dilemmas? Major home improvement  undertakings, giveaways?)
What are your other must-read blogs? (If you have one of your own, include it as well!)
What advice do you have for us to make Extreme Personal Measures even better?
And, for fun, what’s one change you would make to your house (assuming time and money were no object)?  Anything else you want us to know?
Any questions you want to ask us?

Thanks for your time!

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