Monday, February 21, 2011

Fumbling through your dresser door forgot what I was looking for...

I just love Dramatic Furniture Results, as seen HERE, HERE and HERE.. That’s just what you’ll see at Erika…With a K. A keen eye for detail, Craigslist and some paint is all Erika (with a K) needed to transform some not-so great Craigslist finds into fabulous furniture, and transforms her home, one piece at a time. Here’s some of her fabulous work:

 This is what the living room coffee table looked like when they bought it.

 After… What a stunner!

  Antique desk before


 This is my favorite. This was a true find! Look at the lines and it is in fabulous condition!

After… Wow! I would love this piece as an addition to my home.

Stop by Erika…With a K and see what else she has going on. She also has a great looking kitchen revival.

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