Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Baaaaack.......
Tutorial & Thrifty Treasures Tuesday!

Hello dear readers! 
Tomorrow starts back our “Tutorial & Thrifty Treasures Tuesday”, where you can show off your creative side and feature your handmade projects! Link up your {specific} blog post that shows off something you made that’s thrifty for something you’ve made, a recipe, or even a frugal tip. You’ll get new readers, and I might be  featuring you!

There are no ‘rules” except that it need be thrifty (thrifty recipe, Goodwill item refurbished, frugal handmade item,etc. No giveaways and no shops.) It would be great if you post about this linky party and/or add our buttons. Extra sweet is if you also  tweet it out so people find the party.  

Extreme Personal Measures


Please support your fellow bloggers…

If you see a post that catches your eye, please take a sec and comment on those posts.
This allows you to ‘meet’ new people, possibly learn a new trick or two, and benefit your friends with your inspiring comments! They keep us going!

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