Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Supper Club: Spanish Night

Recently we started a supper club with some friends. Luckily we are blessed to have some close friends nearby and there are 5 couples total that participate. We do our supper club gathering as often as every week, but we are okay with once a month, as schedules get busy. We'd been wanting to start one ever since we stumbled upon the blog Maggie's Dinner Dates

Our most recent supper club was Saturday night and was supposed to feature Puerto Rico and it's dishes. It ended up as a mish mash of Puerto Rican & Mexican due to our lack of knowledge and time for research for drinks and side dishes. 

To wet their appetites for a delicious meal to come, we served our homemade Guacamole with warmed chips, while they waited for the main event.

So, what did end up on the menu, you ask? We had, our now famous in these circles, Puerto Rican Pork. A friend of mine made it several times for work pig-outs and gave me the recipe. There may be another name, of which she and I were not aware of, so this is what I named it. I will provide the recipe in a future post (update: posted HERE). 


Just look at that 'fall off the bone' goodness! Juicy and so, so tender. This amazing roast provided the evenings oohs and aahs as it was brought to the table. 

Our spectacular spread included the Puerto Rican pork, a Mexican rice side dish and fresh green beans. Prior to the meal, we had our homemade Guac, which we still left for them to enjoy with their meal, if they so desired. We served the meal with Sangria, glasses rimmed with a sugared, frozen lime. Mmmmm.

We topped of the already delicious meal with a homemade Rum Cake, recipe provided in a later post (update: posted HERE). If we'd thought  the Puerto Rican pork that emitted ooohs and aaahs were the end of the accolades, we were wrong as the cake really knocked their socks off! One friend, who said he typically doesn't favor dessert, thought this was the best cake he'd ever had. We had a fantastic time with great friends & good food. Who could ask for more? 

Have a get-together with your friends? Let's see it! Show it off! Send us a link, or better yet, we'd love to do a guest post on your get-together!

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