Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Kitchen: {French Onion soup}

I saw Saturday’s post on

Smitten Kitchen

and it brought back memories.
Excuse my bit of nostalgia…
I lived in the suburbs of St. Louis when I was a kid and
would visit my Grandmother, Viola, in the city.
I loved it.
It was like an adventure to a kid,
with the riding of the bus and excursions here and there.
On many occasion, we would stop in at Famous-Barr,
a great store in its heyday, unfortunately long gone now.
Around Christmastime, they had the most amazing moving displays in all the windows.
After going around the building, we’d head up to their restaurant.
They were famous for their French Onion soup. It was


I ordered it


time we went.
So, as I said, when I saw the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, it brought back fond memories.
I am going to make this recipe, and I am sure if it is a keeper, it
will resurrect those fond memories every time I make it.


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