Friday, April 15, 2011

Patios, What Do YOU think?

There is an article on
Home Upgrades That Don’t Pay Off
Honestly, I think that depends on the way the
improvement is completed and the purchaser.
One such improvement was a concrete patio.

For me, if I am looking at two homes that are
all the same EXCEPT for the patio, I would  


that patio.
For me, I look at it as an extension of the home.
Another  area that I can relax or entertain in.
 It also depends on what you do with that patio
that makes it special. Take, for example, my sister in law.
They have a beautiful home in a subdivision.
Basically, cookie cutter homes.
What you do with that home says a lot about you,
defines your style, and can make it unique.
All of these homes were built with a the same, basic square patio.
My sister in law and her husband have added beautiful planting areas,
a barbecue area, a firepit, etc.
While my words do not do justice to the extent of what they have done,
let me tell you, it is beautiful.
It is an extension of the home and provides a fabulous
entertaining area that people gravitate to.  While the return when
you sell may not be much, I would think that your home would
sell over the one next door without one and, would provide great
enjoyment for your family while you live there.
So, what do you think? Do you agree with this? 

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