Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walgreens Deals April 24-30 & A Walgreens Coupon User Rant

Check out Walgreens great deals this week:

Butterfinger Snackerz 39¢
Coupon: $1/2
Butterfinger coupon

Clorox Clean Up 2 for $5
Coupon: $1 manuf on
Clorox Facebook page and use $2/2 store in April coupon booklet

Tilex (32 oz) 2 for $5
Coupon: $1
printable and use $2/2 store in April coupon Booklet

Colgate Total toothpaste (4.2 oz) BOGO $2.79
Coupon: $1 in 4/10 SS

Fruity Pebbles cereal $1.99
Get $1 RR wyb 2, $2 RR wyb 3 or $3 RR wyb 4

Luster White 7 toothpaste (2.6 oz) $4.99
Get $4 RR (monthly)
Coupon: $1.50 in 4/3 SS

Stayfree maxi pads (14, 16, or 24 pk) $2.99
Get $2.99 RR
Coupon: $1 in 3/27 RP or
Stayfree coupon

Splenda 100 packets or granulated $2.99
Buy 2 and get a $3 RR, Buy 3 and get a $4 RR
Coupon: $3 in 4/17 SS

Werther’s candy BOGO $2.29
Coupon: 75¢ in 3/13 SS

Schick Hydor 3 or 5 Razors and cartridges BOGO $8.99
Coupon: $3
Schick razor coupon or $2 cartridge/refill coupon in 4/17 SS

Now for the rant:

Walgreens really needs to step up their game. I went in today for the Splenda deal and was refused by Jim (the manager), at the Rivergate Walgreens (PSL Florida). According to Walgreens policy, they are to adjust the price of the product or the coupon in order for us to take advantage of a deal. In this case, Splenda is on sale for $2.99 and the coupon value is $3.00. Norma, the cashier on duty, has NEVER been coupon friendly and you can COUNT on her to be rude. I KNEW that I would have problems with her. She called the manager and when he arrived he stated they could not adjust either. I handed him my copy of corporate’s policy and he refused to read it but told Norma to try it. She did something but it didn’t work and he stated that it didn’t work there is nothing he can do. I asked him to go over to her side and show her how to do it. I stated that I knew it could be done because we did it with the Splenda fiber deal (at the same store!) but the cashier has to know what she is doing. He refused. I took my coupons and left.
Walmart values the coupon user and has realized that they shop more that the average person. They have adjusted their policy to allow overages and are more coupon friendly than anyone yet! While I will do my best to take advantage of the Splenda deal, anything deal now and in the future that doesn’t give a register reward, I will be matching at Walmart and giving them my business.
If Walgreens continues down this road, they will lose a lot of shoppers.
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