Sunday, May 22, 2011


You may have noticed a difference in your stores.
Many stores are implementing limits of x deals per item, per sale, etc, unless their ads have a different limit. Many retailers are having the same issues with not enough stock to service all customers due to heavy couponing.
With TLC's new show, Extreme Couponing, and the economy, there has been a growing interest in coupons. With that interest comes the issue of supplies of the deal items disappearing off shelves on the first day. 

Many stores are starting this, one of those stores include Walgreens. Walgreens is starting to limit to 4 RR deals a day. Now, here are my thoughts on this: 

While I agree that some stores have this issue and may need to set limits, this is not the case with Walgreens. Walgreens needs to completely overhaul their stocking system, as well as their coupon policy and train their unfriendly coupon staff and management. 

First, the stocking is a joke. They simply get these blue bins in that have no rhyme or reason to what is sent by Wags. They may get one of an item that happens to be on sale, while completely being out otherwise. While Wags knows what is coming in a sale, they may only set up a store with a couple of said item. So, while Wags would like you to think that couponers are the issue, they are not the issue at this store.

They really need to train their employees. They are so unfriendly towards coupon users that I RARELY take advantage of a deal at Walgreens. In fact, recently there was a Splenda deal (Splenda $2.99, use a $3.00 coupon and get a RR back when you purchase several). Their own policy states to adjust so that the deal can happen. The cashier (THE most unfriendly EVER) called a manager. I was ok with that. The manager said no. When I handed him the policy, he refused to read it. While I would have loved the RR as part of the deal, we use a lot of Splenda. I took my ad and Q's to Walmart, who want to see us shop there, and completed my deals! Several deals over the course of that ad, without clearing the shelves at Walmart.

What some stores, managers, and mostly Wags, needs to realize is that couponers are heavy shoppers and they (the store) are reimbursed for that Q, with an additional 8 cents. THINK! You are losing sales to Walmart.

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