Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Make It: {Project Re-Style # 25}

Well, as you know, Anne, over at
Wobi Sobi
is one of my
favorite bloggers
and I toot her horn for her every chance I get J
This time is no different, but, as always, well deserved!
She comes up with the best fashion DIY projects EVER.
I mean, EVER!

Happy Monday Everyone! 
Once again,  here we are.
Project Re-Style Monday.
“This is week #25 of my project Re-Style Challenge.  What is this Project Re-Style Challenge you ask?   Well... it is  Re-Styling something old into something new, and I just LOVE it. I relish in the thought of turning something old into something new.  I will post all the details about Project Re-Style at the end of this post, as always.
This week’s Re-Style comes straight out of the June issue of  InStyle Magazine…  “

 To see the full post, click below:

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