Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Cooking Budget Savers @SamsClubDeals #shopping #retail #Sam's Club

While we have been Extreme Couponers way before the show came, and we save tons of money on groceries with couponing, even we know there are some things we cannot get with coupons. Flour and sugar happen to be one of those rarities. Not to say it doesn’t happen because I still have some confectioners and brown sugar from a previous deal.

As heavy bakers (we bake trays of cookies as gifts for neighbors, etc) we looked at how we may cut our cost for flour, sugar, butter, etc. We compared grocery stores and prices at Sam’s Club and BJ’s Club and found that Sam’s Club has the best price available (at least in our area) on these items. In fact, I just did this year’s research and purchased our items this past weekend, again using Sam’s Club.
We have been asked many times if it is worth it to own wholesale club cards. We find that it is worth it for items such as this and many others (salt for the softener, gas, etc) that we are unable to get coupons for.

Now, my question for you: What is your #1 way to save money during the holidays? 

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