Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturdays Thrift Store Finds

Saturday we hit our 4 Goodwill stores, a Salvation Army store and another charity thrift shop.
Woo-Hoo!!! I feel like I hit the jackpot! What do you all think?

There are 2!
I feel like these are going to be beauties when I am done! They were marked $25 each. The caning is coming out and would need replacing and the stain shows it's wear. Do I need to mention the color?
The manager was walking by and I asked if she would negotiate. She said "How about $30 for both and there is a coupon up front for $5 off $20?"
I know I saw someone who had shown a redo of this on their blog and now I cannot find it!
This is my first furniture redo.
If anyone has suggestions, let me know. I want to pop out the caning and paint the chair black. I will probably do some sort of black material.

And how about this one?

I think this one will be nice also.
My daughter loves this one so I want to redo it for her.
I will also pop out the caning and paint it black.
We also found a lot of candlesticks and platters to make cake stands. I will post some photos later.
Do you recall the candleholders? I featured from Life as Lori.
We stopped at the Dollar Tree and purchased the supplies and made these(without the monogram). We also bought the short bowls and made those too! I will post photos soon. It was a great weekend with great deals!
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