Friday, March 12, 2010


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1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?

All day. My job is computer based. So, at least 8 hours.

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way?

They will pay their own way. I could not do it financially or I would.

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?


4. What is your favorite book?

Hmmmm. Not sure. I love all books and I love to read.

5. Do you make your bed everyday?


Extreme Personal Measures
This is called Frugal Friday and it is all things frugal. This can be frugal DIY, home d├ęcor, crafts, tips, even frugal recipes. Anything YOU consider to be frugal. Welcome to the first Frugal Friday celebration hosted by Extreme Personal Measures! We invite you to join us every Friday to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs. It is all about sharing and having fun.

Here's how YOU can join the celebration:
* Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below.
* Follow the Frugal Friday hostess listed in the first slot.
* Follow as many blogs as you like
* Comment on the blogs telling them you're from Frugal Friday
* Follow back when you get a new follower through Frugal Friday

The list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up each week for new participants to find your blogs. The list is only open to add your blog links on Fridays. It will be visible all week to visit the blogs listed.

As a hostess, I realize the time required to participate in Frugal Friday. Due to the overwhelming number of entries each week, we understand everyone may not be able to follow every blog, including myself. To keep it fun, follow what you can at your own pace.
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