Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Showers

I have mentioned before that I will be having a shower for my son and his girlfriend. I have been searching for ideas to make it beautiful. I just hope I can pull off everything I want to do. With a full time job, a blog that is darn near a full time job, and my family, there isn't much time left. Since I have an hour commute each way to work, I thought I would do what I can in the car. Oh, in case you are wondering, not while driving. Hubs and I work in the same company.

So, the first thing that is number one on my to do list is the
pom poms on Martha Stewart.
I absolutely love these and think they will be fabulous for the shower decor.


I think these
napkins at All You Need Is Love
are lovely. Although the idea here was for a wedding, the same principal can be applied to baby shower napkins to personalize them.


For take home treats, I love these
at Party Box Design.


And it is driving me crazy! I want to do a candy bar and cannot find apothecary jars. Grrrrr!
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