Saturday, May 29, 2010

ERGObaby Review

I was recently given the opportunity to test out an ERGObaby carrier. When they asked what size, I had said newborn because I will be having a baby in November. The ERGObaby carrier arrived and comes with the main piece and then an insert for an infant. Because Evan (9 months) is getting so heavy, I decided to try the main piece on him. This is by far the best baby carrier made! 

The minute I put it on I could tell it was going to be comfortable. I recently twisted my shoulder and holding him is hurting tremendously. I was able to wear Evan in the ERGObaby carrier for several hours at the mall. I never used carriers because I don't feel secure with my baby in it. On the ERGObaby carrier, the waist strap securely fastens AND "feels" secure. Also, his head is above the carrier.  I see babies and children look like they are suffocating in their moms chest. The ERGObaby carrier is different than other carriers in many ways. It places the baby's weight on the hips, not your back. Because of this, you can wear your baby longer, giving you freedom to clean, shop, etc. and the child feels close.

The ERGOBaby Carrier was initially developed out of a personal need when Karin Frost, the owner and designer, had her son in 2001 and created a carrier for him. With help and feedback from other parents, the ERGObaby design was born. Word of mouth has expanded this single carrier design into a globally recognized family of baby carriers and accessories.

ERGObaby has several choices and colors, including an organic selection. ERGObaby has been offering our Original Infant Support Cushion since 2004, supporting the baby in the cradle position. We are dedicated to giving our babies the most optimal support and comfort while being carried. This mission has led us to integrate the contributions of research studies, customer feedback, chiropractic support and working directly with newborns in the design of the NEW ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart. This new version carries the baby in the tummy-to-tummy position, hence the name heart2heart.

Our innovative design promotes healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joint, and leg position rather than putting a baby in a compromising sitting or hanging position before the spine is ready. It has extra cushions at the back and bottom to support the natural curvature of a baby's developing spine. The ERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart also supports the safety of the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. Thanks to theERGObaby Infant Insert heart2heart and Carrier in combination, parents can carry their newborn close to their heart so they can remain attentive to their baby’s needs and at the same time continue daily activities. The ERGObaby Carrier with Infant Insert heart2heart truly is the only carrier you will need from newborn to toddler.

ERGObaby also offers many items for hands free assistance:

Front Pouch

This accessory has tremendous versatility. Velcro attaches the pouch around the waist belt when the ERGO baby carrier is worn on the front, back or hip. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry your personals with you even when you are not using the ERGObaby carrier. A wallet, checkbook, cell phone, sunglasses, keys, a small notebook, pen, passport, and tickets are types of items that will fit in the pouch. A component of ERGObaby's HandsFree System.

Changing Pad

The ERGObaby Changing Pad was designed to easily change your little one on the go. It comes with two washable liners, a moisture resistant soiled items bag and plenty of pockets for storage. The ERGObaby Changing Pad, available in both vintage Hawaiian print and Galaxy Grey, coordinates and attaches to our carrier, and is a component of the ERGObaby HandsFree System. It can also be used independently.

Thank you ERGObaby! I love mine!

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