Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review: Molly's Money Saving Digest

I was contacted to do a review for Molly’s Money Saving Digest. If you haven’t read Molly’s Money-Saving Digest yet, you are missing out. Everyone I know is looking for ways to spending less and making use of what you have. This gives you just that!  I received the March, April & May issues for review and there’s just a wealth of information and tips.
Just one issue covered all of these points:

  • “Begin With the Basics” focuses on fresh produce—how to buy it, store it, and serve it so your kids will eat it!
  • It includes a chart on how long and how to store them along with a recipe for fresh salsa.
  • Since this issue focuses on Centsable Celebrations, included is:
             Chart for Gift Traditions
             Guest List
            Food Quantities for a crowd list

  • “Feather Your Nest - Frugally” includes a tutorial to make flowers from coffee filters.
  • “In The Kitchen With Molly” has a weeks worth of menus, recipes and shopping list.
  • “Kid’s Corner” focuses on Money, Manners and More with a checklist of Goals for Good Manners.
  • “Something Old, Something New” covers the instructions for cakes made in a can.
  • Tips for a Centsable Celebration.
  • “A Wedding Story-My Priced Wedding” details one woman’s frugal yet delightful wedding.
  • “This is My Story” tells how one woman began a life of frugality.

and more!


Each monthly issue of Molly’s Money Saving Digest is $4.95. You will save by implementing just a few of the ideas within resource. Molly’s blog, Econobusters, is completely free and  loaded with tips and ideas. And sign up for their free email newsletter, you receive a free e-book on Meal Planning

If you haven’t read any of Molly’s Money Saving Digests yet, I highly recommend you do. You can purchase a single copy for the very reasonable price of $4.95 (no advertisements to bother with, either!), or you can save $1.00 per issue, plus receive a myriad of other benefits, by subscribing. Either way, it will be money well invested.  

Try out the Molly Membership program for $1.00 by using coupon code: DCF375.

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