Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Audiobook The Lion by Nelson DeMille

About the Book

John Corey, former NYPD Homicide detective and special agent for the Anti-Terrorist Task Force, is back. And,
unfortunately for Corey, so is Asad Khalil, the notorious Libyan terrorist
otherwise known as "The Lion." Last we heard from him, Khalil had claimed to be
defecting to the US only to unleash the most horrific reign of terrorism ever to
occur on American soil. While Corey and his partner, FBI agent Kate Mayfield,
chased him across the country, Khalil methodically eliminated his victims one by
one and then disappeared without a trace.

Now, years later, Khalil has returned to America to make good on his threats and take care of unfinished
business. "The Lion" is a killing machine once again loose in America with a
mission of revenge, and John Corey will stop at nothing to achieve his own goal
— to find and kill Khalil.

To find out more about The Lion please visit Hachette Book Group.

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