Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storm Warning

I am not sure why, but this type of book intrigues me.  It was able to capture my attention from the minute I saw that it was about the end of time.

Billy Grahams "Storm Warning" is an updated release from 1992.  This book summarizes many of the which have covered our world recently.  Billy Graham had written about the events that occurred and the correlation with Revelations.

I selected this book, while unsure of my selection, and I have to say that it book was better than I thought it would be. Not normally a gullible, or easily believing person (I am from Missouri and our motto is" Show Me" and I tend to live by it) but,  I was preparing for the worst. I found many bad commentaries on Revelation out there, yet this book was none of those. It was actually not a lot of Revelation, and for me, that is good. However, it was much like a sermon.  

It is a decent read, but much better for those of you who like this sort of book.

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