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Closed: Prego Planner & Tot Tag Review & Giveaway

Approximately 280 days of...

Exhaustion. Nausea - morning, noon and night. Bizarre and often times unwanted sense of smell. Uncontrollable emotions. Frequent urination - especially in the middle of the night. Unsolicited advice from strangers rubbing your belly. Bigger (which isn't so bad) and extremely sensitive "Girls". For some it may not sound like paradise, but it was indubitably the inspiration behind Braelyn Bounty Bug.

About the Founder

Braelyn and MomHeather Patterson, a proud sister of the sorority of mothers, is the owner and founder of Braelyn Bounty Bug, LLC, a company dedicated to innovative products for new and expecting mothers. A go-getter by nature, Heather has worked in the field of advertising and marketing for the past seven years.
Heather spent one year as a stay-at-home mom while simultaneously continuing her career as sole marketing specialist for an investment banking firm before launching Braelyn Bounty Bug. Prior to working in investment banking, she spent two years in advertising. She lives with her husband, Lane, and their son, Braelyn, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

About the Company

Braelyn Bounty Bug, LLC is a company dedicated to providing products that are All Things Mom. Founded in 2006, the unique company name has a sweet story behind it that many moms may find familiar. Inspired by the pregnancy of her son, Braelyn, Heather created her initial product, the Prego Planner. Soon after deciding to take her product to market, Heather was struck with the idea of Braelyn Bounty Bug as a unique and fitting company name.
Why Braelyn Bounty Bug you may ask? Well, upon thinking of her son, Heather suddenly realized that her precious boy would probably love to play with bugs! Embracing his boyhood, she was soon thinking of him as her "Little Bug".
A little more serious thought brought to mind the attributes Heather wanted to instill in her son. She realized the importance of raising Braelyn to be charitable and to show care to others in need. Heather's desire was, and still is, for Braelyn to be a bountiful person. In just a few minutes of thinking about her beautiful baby boy, she had her company name: Braelyn Bounty Bug.
An advocate of children's charities, Heather and Braelyn Bounty Bug are currently developing a special charity-driven product.

The Prego Planner is an award-winning and fashionably functional pregnancy planner that anticipates the mother-to-be’s every need. The award winning Prego Planner offers mothers-to-be a fabulous, functional and unique way to plan and personalize their pregnancy. Unlike other pregnancy organizers that lack style and are permanently binded together where the mother-to-be has to accept the book as it is, Prego Planner is housed in a stylish three-ring binder making functionality a key. Each helpful page can be moved around, taken out if it does not apply to that particular pregnancy, removed for easier composition on the page and arranged in a way that the mother-to-be seems fit. Indispensable and easy to use, Prego Planner was designed to fit perfectly into the expectant mother’s handbag. With a chic protective cover, pages stay secure and the Planner is easily transported from one desired location to the next.
An essential and perfectly designed pregnancy planner for every expectant mother, Prego Planner features:
  • 12-month undated calendar
  • Pages to hold critical information such as OBGYN/Midwife contact information, hospital information, insurance information, pharmacy information, test results, questions for the physician and a chart to assist in keeping track of monthly progress
  • Interview questions for potential pediatricians
  • The ultimate nursery checklist to assist with registering for baby showers and keeping track of what items have been fulfilled and what hasn’t
  • An essential "acts of kindness" and gift log
  • A unique checklist of things to do before baby arrives
  • An area for the birth plan
  • A hospital packing list for Mom, Dad and Baby
  • Family and friends call list
  • Post delivery checklist
  • Space for postpartum visit questions
  • A handy pocket for paperwork
  • Coated and sturdy tabs that make the desired pages readily available
  • Easily interchangeable pages... and much more
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 9"

Tot Tags

Checklists bring on a whole new meaning when baby arrives. And what better time to have a checklist than when you are “packing up the whole house" to run some simple errands. It’s hard enough to get everyone dressed to leave, much less remember what items need to make it in the diaper bag. Before you know it, you’ve left the house without the pacifier, the bottle or even the diapers! Forget having to stop and purchase that forgotten essential because you’re too far away from home. Simply run down your ultimate diaper bag checklist located on the back of your Tot Tag before hitting the door, and you’ll be sure to venture out fully equipped.
  • Detailed diaper bag checklist
  • Concealed area for identification in case of lost or misplaced bag
  • Beaded loop for easy attachment
  • Dimensions: 3.3" x 2.1"
  • 3 stylish and unique designs

My Review

As many of you know, we are expecting a girl! Although I consider myself experienced now, there are always new and wonderful things coming on the market. With Evan I used a bland pregnancy planner that I had gotten at a discount chain. There had not been any cute ones and nothing customizable. I used it to track everything from my pregnancy.I wasn’t happy with it. I even had to write things in the margins because there wasn't a location for common sense additions. I think it was created by someone who'd never been pregnant!

However, for this pregnancy, I was lucky enough to receive the Prego Planner. Just look at the photos above. Are they not the cutest? I chose the planner called "Dressy" which is the pregnant woman on the cover. I was so excited when I opened it! It was adorable! I immediately set about using it faithfully. I don't think there is a thing I would add. It is just wonderful! 

The Prego Planner is completely functional. It has spacious areas to write and tabs keep you organized. There are tabs such as important contact info, OB/Gyn, Pediatrician, hospital, etc. There is also a  12-month (undated-you write dates in) calendar. There is even a place to write your questions and concerns for your doctor. Tabs make finding what you need easy as 1-2-3!  For new mommies, there is a great checklist to help you pick a pediatrician (complete with some pre-written questions to ask and space for their answers). All the things my other planner lacked. Best of all, it is a binder format. You can add pages to your binder.

The Tot Tag is also wonderful! This is great no matter how experienced you think you are. Often, getting out the door as a mom is a hectic endeavor. And, often, in this case, the more you have, the more hectic it can be and items forgotten! Well, no more! Simply attach the Tot Tag to your diaper bag. It is beautiful and stylish on one side, and the other side is functional, containing a list of items need for the diaper bag! This is a must have and is also a great addition when purchasing gifts for a mom-to-be or new mom. Actually, even for Grandparents!!! I am running in my head just how many I need to purchase!

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