Monday, August 30, 2010

The Baby Dipper Bowl Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Baby Dipper and was quite excited. I have reviewed many items similar to this. Typically, my Little Man spills most of his food. I tested this bowl many times, for my review, just to be sure it lived up to their statements.
I love the contoured shape. It helps to guide food onto the spoon. The design allows him get the proper amount on the spoon, so spilling is very minimal.
This is a great gift and should be on every baby registry. It is now considered a must-have for my home.
·                 Very good at helping babies learn to self feed with the innovative shape of the bowl and rubber base to keep bowl in place
·                 Utensils are just the right size and shape for little hands to easily grasp
·                 Most of the food stays in the bowl or on the spoon 
·                 If you are holding baby and feeding with 1 hand, the bowl stays put with the rubber base 
·                 Free of : BPA, phthalate, lead and PVC 
·                 Can be washed in dishwasher (top-rack ONLY!) 
·                 Mom-invented
The Story of the Baby Dipper® bowl 
Barbara Schantz is a mom of twin girls, Greta and Cora, born in 2004, and also the mother of twin boys, Franklin and Carlton, born in 2008. As a stay-at-home mom of twin babies, she faced the daunting task of feeding them. Frustrated with the bowls she had already purchased, she investigated and bought other bowls, but still remained disappointed. The vision for the Baby Dipper®bowl came to her when Cora and Greta were about 6 months old, not long after they started eating baby cereal and other pureed foods. She needed a bowl that required only one hand to successfully feed a baby, but why wasn't there one on the market that satisfied this need?
She was thinking that to accomplish one-handed feeding, the bowl should not slide around on the table and it should aid in the collection of the baby food. A non-slip bottom surface would keep it from sliding. A sloped interior surface and a spoon-shaped collection point would help gather the food down to the last bite. Also, adding to those features, vertical sides would help push food onto the spoon and transparent sides would allow the food to be seen easily by both the parent and the child. The bowl she designed has proven to make feeding much easier for parents and even for toddlers trying to spoon-feed themselves. The patented Baby Dipper bowl is truly unique in the marketplace and hopefully will help parents everywhere.

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