Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Joovy Room² {An Affordable, Modern & Easy to Clean Playard}

The Joovy Room² Bigger. Better.
With over 10 square feet of floor space, the Room² provides your child with almost 50% more living space than traditional playards, so your toddler will be happier and play longer. The Room² also accommodates all of your existing accessories like play gym mats. The large mesh windows provide a great view so your child does not feel confined.
Additionally, the steel frame is super strong while the exposed aluminum tubing adds an elegant, clean and simple design. The Room² has heavy duty padded floor boards that provide a strong platform, and more importantly, a low center of gravity so the Room² is profoundly stable. All fabric, including the carry bag, is made of the highest quality 600D material and is incredibly durable. One Room² fitted mattress sheet is included. Additional sheets are available for purchase.
The Joovy Room² Bigger. Better.

There are a lot of products on the market for babies and toddlers and it takes a lot of investigation to determine the right product. That is what I am here to help you with today. A playard is a necessary item. Every family with an infant or toddler should have a quality playard. It’s quite simply a must! Obviously you don’t want to use one as a babysitter and leave them in it all day. There will be, however, necessary times to use one. For instance, running to the restroom, trying to get some daily tasks completed, etc. The Joovy Room2 Playard has many great features for a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Room2 Playard-By The Numbers

Weight: 32 pounds
Folded Dimensions: height 37”, width 9”, depth 9”
Outside, Unfolded Dimensions: height 37”, width 39”, depth 39”

Room2 Playard Features

Top Of The Line Fabric. All fabric, including the carry bag, is made of the highest quality 600D material and is incredibly durable.
Available in red, yellow, or black and easy to clean fabric, the Room2 Playard is designed for easy clean up and a stylish appearance. We have the red playard and it wipes clean easily. What I love is the solid, neutral color. I am not a fan of buying new equipment with each child. This is not necessary with the Room2 Playard. It is certainly gender neutral.

10 feet of floor space
The Room2 Playard is a very generous size, allowing for a large amount of playroom. The best part is that your child will not feel confined, as with other playards.             The large mesh windows provide a great view so your child does not feel confined.

Folds easily
The Room2 Playard arrived in a very narrow box, which immediately indicated that either the playard folded quite compactly or I’d have one heck of a time getting it set up. The Room2 Playard was ready to go in just a few clicks! materials and it was ready to go.

The Room2 Playard folds quite small. It’s very easy and only takes a moment to do. The result is a seriously compact playard. I can easily take it along on our small trunk, easily stow in a closet, or even under the crib. The bag, light weight and compact fold make the Room2 a winner for storage when not in use or as for travel.

Includes one 100% cotton sheet.
Many other playards require an additional purchase of sheets and they are quite expensive. Not so with the Joovy Room2 Playard! They provide a sheet! Fabulous idea!

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… I was quite pleased with the compact fold, the easy to manage weight and how easy the Room2 is to clean. I was also loving the sleek, modern, minimalist appearance and bold and basic solid colored playard.

Or Not to Buy… I like the sleek, modern, minimalist look of the playard, and it’s roomy expanse, however, you may like the ugly baby patterned, gender exclusive playards that are quite small and confining,

Shop! The Joovy Room2 Playard is $199.99 $149.99. Purchase directly from Joovy and get free shipping. They also have a lookup to find a store near you that carries Joovy.

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