Friday, August 13, 2010


Snowball is what I called my day yesterday. It starts with one thing and then snowballs...

We get home and the A/C is not working properly. It is 90 degrees in the house. I call the repairman and he comes to look at it. It is a simple fix he says. That simple fix is one he cannot seem to figure out for the longest time. While waiting, Little Man gets stripped and I let him play in the tub to keep him cool. I am sitting next to him and have a view of him and the repairman.

I also had a couch delivered while I was at work so I need to inspect it. Great. Couple of marks on it and it should have an armless recliner (it is a sectional) and it is missing. I call the store and they will have someone out Tuesday.

Repairman is a nice guy who doesn't rip us off, however, he cannot do two things at once. He gets a call and stops functioning. The call is just chit chat but he is on in the house a good 10 minutes and walks outside. Well, I assume he went outside because it was hotter inside because I peak out the window like a criminal and he is STILL on the phone NOT working! I tell hubby that he better say something to the guy because it is way to hot in here. Hubby goes out and talks to him. Whatever he said works because they both come walking right back in. This easy fix turns out to be an electrical wire that runs somewhere from the main house through the attic. He rigs a temporary fix and will be back out Monday to really fix it.

We go out to get dinner while the car cools off and tire is low. Hubby checks it out and it has a huge piece of metal in it. We have 15 minutes to get to a tire store that is 15 minutes away! We have no choice, and we head off to the tire store. We get there about 5 minutes to close. They take a look and say that it needs a whole new tire. Hubby happily hands him the paperwork that shows we have road hazard on the tire. Now, let me fill you in a little on this, because, to me, this is actually FUNNY. Hubby takes the paperwork on the tires out about a week ago for some unknown reason, and discovers they charged for this road hazard without asking him. He is mad and wants his money back. I intentionally let him forget about it because I feel it is necessary. Of course, I am right! What could have been a huge expense, on top of all the others, turns out to be $40! Love it when at least one thing works out. 
Hopefully today, and this weekend, will be calm. I need a break!

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