Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flat Iron Experts Review

Flat Iron Experts is an Online Beauty Shop specializing in selling and reviewing the best flat irons and the best hair straighteners in the beauty industry today. Deciding on what is the best flat iron for your hair isn't easy. And at Flat Iron Experts they understand that many of you are overwhelmed by the number of choices of top rated and popular flat irons. Their goal at Flat Iron Experts is to assist you on finding the best flat iron for you. 
At Flat Iron Experts, they have been researching flat irons for years. Reviewing customer feedback, materials, versatility, warranties, functions and our personal experiences, we've come up with a list of the best flat irons on the market right now. Each flat iron has its pros and cons and is perfect for a different purpose or different person.

Although I am no expert, far from it, I have an obsession with hair products.  I love to try new hardware,  styling products, and accessories. I love finding special items that work great and I love to share those on my blog and with my friends and coworkers. I have just discovered a great piece of hardware to share with you!
Hot-Tools-Curling-Iron-ReviewI was sent the Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron (2") from the great folks at FlatIronExperts.com to test and review. The Hot Tools Curling Iron is by far the most popular curling iron in the world, its been around since the beginning and it has lasted through time for one reason alone cause it simply works. Hot Tools Curling irons is ranked #1 on their Top Curling Iron List mainly because of their reliability, performance and most of all its low price. If you simply want a curling iron that will get the job done this will be your choice. 

Professional Features
  • Easy to Hold Soft Grip Textured Handle
  • 2 Replacement Springs
  • Multi-Heat Dial Control
  • Convenient On/Off Switch
  • Temperature Reaches 428° F
  • Jumbo 2” 24k Gold-Plated Barrel
  • Powerful Spring Clamp w/Safety Stand
  • 8ft Heavy Duty Swivel Cord
  • Maintains Constant, Consistent Heat From 10 Variable Heat Settings (low to extra hot) With 85 Watts of Power.

This is a great curling iron. I have a lot of long hair. I need a good, large, durable curling iron that will handle all of my hair.  I need a curling iron that will curl my hair and last once I pass the threshold of the bathroom door. This curling iron passed my rigorous test!
I have continued to use this iron since the moment I opened the package and it has held up and done it's job! I do not understand all the technical mombo jumbo they spout on these tools. All I understand is whether a product works. This one does!
This is an excellent curling iron and I would definitely recommend it.

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