Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glow Baby-Baby's First Journal

When you are a new mom and first bring your baby home, you're overwhelmed with all the information you have learned and need to retain. There is just so much you need to remember and document, it becomes difficult to remember what to do and what to document when involved in your daily routine


lindsaywithkidsLindsay Harris is the mastermind behind the Glow Baby journal.
She is dedicated to providing unique and user friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents.  As a mother of two young daughters, Ainsley and Juliet, Lindsay quickly came to appreciate the difficulties of caring for a toddler while at the same time making sure the needs of her newborn were met.
One of the first tools Lindsay developed to help her through this difficult period was a tracking log for Juliet’s basic needs such as feeding, sleeping, diapering and bathing.  The tracking enabled Lindsay to better understand Juliet’s patterns and to support a schedule that made everyone’s lives easier, while at the same time reducing stress.
Lindsay felt very strongly that every mother, whether they were having their first child or their fourth, could use a similar tool to help them through those tough first few months.  As a result Baby’s First Journal was born.

This book is quite useful and applies to all moms and children. What I really liked about this book is it allowed all moms to use this book. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, it did not differentiate and was useful to both.  When bringing a newborn home, it is especially important to document feedings and bowel movements and this journal allows you to do so with ease. 

A great feature to this book is a notes section. If something out of the ordinary happened, you could easily record it in the notes section to remember when it had occurred.  Upon making a purchase, you may select from pink, blue, or green

Additionally, the book features a contacts section at the back of the book, which notes the contact along with their name, address and phone number.  

    Baby's Firs FoodsGlow Baby offers many additional items to help you through your day. One such item is Baby's First Foods. This  enables parents to monitor the introduction of solids and their baby's reaction to new foods. This tool is a convenient way to ensure all caregivers are aware of allergens and food preferences and assists with menu planning.

The organized family calendar

Also available is the The 2011 Organized Family Calendar 

• 12 month calendar runs from January 2011 through December 2011
• Unique and stylish design includes both a 12 month calendar and 52 removable weekly planner pages
• Perfect for tracking each family members' extra curricular activities, work and social schedules
• Weekly planner pages accommodates 6 individual schedules
• Opens to 14" x 21.5”
• The only yearly calendar your family will need!
Gift Basket
I have had the opportunity to review many of these types of journals and feel this one is exceptional and especially useful. I will be happy to use this for my upcoming baby, due November 25th, as well as purchase for gifts. This would be an excellent shower or welcome baby gift! They even offer a Glow Baby Gift Basket!

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