Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Purse Bling- Hip Klip/Klub Pocket

The Hip Klip
 is a special patent pending clippable keychain. No beltloops? No Pockets? No problem! The Hip Klip fastens to your pants, shorts, skirt, purse, backpack, boots, etc., keeping your keys secure. But it gets even better because you can also attach The Hip Klub Pocket Accessory to the Klip.
The Hip Klub Pocket Accessory is a specially designed wallet/mini-purse that attaches to the Hip Klip. It has an open pocket on one side for easy access to a cell phone or camera and a zippered compartment on the other to keep things like cash, credit cards, ID, and lip balm secure. Hip Klip Klub Pockets take the place of a heavy purse when you only need your essentials like your phone, ID, credit cards, cash, and/or keys. The Hip Klip Klub Pocket stays with you so there's no chance of leaving it behind like you might do with your handbag. The Hip Klip/Klub Pocket is lightweight and hands free. Great for when you are doing a lot of walking at a theme park, taking a hike, going for a bike ride, going out dancing, or a going on a shopping spree!!
All Hip Klip Klub pockets measure 5" x 5" unless otherwise specified (like the black passport size). All Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combos come with 1 Klip and 1 pocket unless otherwise specified. Hip Klips with no pockets are available.

I work in a corporate environment and sometimes I need to run to another building, to the ATM (in the building), purchase lunch (in the building), etc. When I am on the go, I want to look professional and have on hand my cell phone, company access card, ATM card,etc. Not wanting to carry a purse, worse, I am juggling these items.  When the folks at Purse Bling offered a Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combo for me to try out, I hadn't put it together at that time, but when it came in, I instantly loved it and have used it everyday. I have had so many compliments at work for my Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combo! After use, I also found it was great when I was running out with my Little Man. I already had a diaper bag, I didn't want a large purse,too. I found I could get many items in my Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combo, and, if not on my person, could be clipped to the diaper bag! Needless to say, I was thrilled!

The Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combo clips on your belt or waistband to keep your hands free and your important items where you can easily get to them. Also, you can clip it inside your purse or diaper bag  to keep important  items together and easy to grab. I will never have to dig down to the bottom of your bag for these items. You know, the stuff you need but always seems to sink to the bottom. 

With four styles of Hip Klip and many Klub Pocket designs to choose from, you can coordinate with all your outfits! The set of one Hip Klip and Klub Pocket is only $14.95  and make great gifts!


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